Capture the Flag Events

I've taken part in an online Capture the Flag event which is a problem-solving competition where you must use cyber security tools and techniques to find hidden flags within a virtual environment. This has helped me improve my critical thinking skills whilst learning new information along the way.

Creating & Selling Software Projects

Whilst I don’t have much formal work experience, I do have the experience of creating computer software for clients in a freelance capacity. I have created software projects for people, and they have met their requirements successfully and they have been happy with the end results. This has improved my communication skills and my ability to solve problems under pressure when they occur.

Personal Programming Projects

For the past couple of years, I have enjoyed spending some of my free time creating my own personal computer programming projects. These projects have improved my skills massively whilst also being an amusing hobby to fill my time. Each programming project comes with different problems to solve every time which improves cognitive abilities and constantly improves my skills as time goes on. I have programmed in many different languages such as JavaScript, Python, Lua and C# - all of which have allowed my to improve my problem-solving and logical thinking skills.